The MUVE Ambulatory Care Center in West Chester offers a unique approach to hip and knee replacement surgery.Specialized technology and a handpicked staff are dedicated to providing the utmost in personalized care.

Following surgery, you will have the opportunity to start your recovery in the innovative, on site, patient oriented MUVE Stay Suites.

The West Chester  MUVE center has become only the 10th Center of its type in the United States to be recognized with an advanced accreditation for joint replacement surgery by The Joint  Commission It is the first center in Pennsylvania to receive this accreditation and certification

The concept of MUVE is to start your care before your surgery and carry through with your care for up to a year after your surgery.

Once you are scheduled for surgery at the MUVE Center, you will be contacted by the nurse navigator who will coordinate your care with Dr. Vernace, anesthesia and nursing so that your surgical experience is optimized every step of the way.

MUVE is dedicated to delivering the best care with greater value by working with insurance companies to reduce costs while improving care.

At MUVE, you will undergo surgery in state of the art operating rooms, with unsurpassed pre-operative and post-operative evaluations and care. Your surgery will take approximately one hour. Once your surgery is completed and your anesthesia is completely worn off, you will start your rehabilitation right in the recovery room. You will walk with a walker usually within 2 to 3 hours of the end of your surgery.

You are then ready to move to the next phase of your experience. Your IV is removed and you are discharged from the operating room side of the building to continue your stay across the lobby in one of the seven private rooms in the MUVE Stay Suites area.

The Stay Suites are luxurious private rooms with barrier free state of the art bathrooms.

You continue your rehabilitation almost immediately with individualized physical therapy, and have access to 24 hour nursing. The two night stay (accompanied by a partner if you wish) will prepare you extremely well to return to your home with confidence to function well in the early post-operative period.

The rooms are equipped with Murphy beds for sleeping, but are retracted against the wall during the day, as the concept of movement and therapy are paramount at MUVE.

Education relating to your recovery and subsequent discharge is a constant part of your experience at the center.

During your stay, you will enjoy catered meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the large gathering room located adjacent to the Stay Suites. Many times the OR staff will join you and fellow patients during this social time.With the help of the physical therapists, as you progress during your stay, you will have walked almost one half mile and gone up and down a full flight of steps before discharge home. You will be further educated in an online physical therapy program that you will sign into every day. When completed as instructed, this enables many patients to recovery without the need for formal outpatient therapy.The nurse navigator, who you have already been in contact with prior to your surgery, will be available to you 24/7 after discharge for any problems or questions you may have after you are home.This is the new concept in total joint surgery....patient oriented care from start to finish in a VIP atmosphere with cost savings over traditional hospital surgical care.

At MUVE, total joint surgery isn’t just what we do, it is ALL we do!!


101 South Bryn Mawr Ave, Suite 200, Bryn Mawr, PA. 19010


Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.